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It ¡s no accident that so many of our associates stay with us for so long. Crane Group companies provide them with a challenging environment that encourages hard work, innovative thinking, and a chance to embrace and extend a culture that has brought us success for more than 60 years.
There are more than 10 companies in the Crane Group portfolio, in locations ranging from Ohio to Georgia. Yet, as our company grows, we are more committed than ever to building safe, modern work environments that provide fulfilling experiences.
We chose our associates carefully, and look for people who want to grow. Character, intelligence, and a desire to learn and do more — those are the kinds of qualities we value. They are the foundation for relationship building, which is central to what Crane is all about.
It may be what Crane is best known for. We are active in our communities, and encourage our associates to participate in volunteerism, our corporate environmental efforts, and other opportunities if possible. We throw huge United Way kickoff events every year (they are a lot of fun), and our company-wide donations are remarkably high for a business our size.
The leaders in our companies understand they have no greater responsibility than to develop their associates for positions of greater responsibility. In fact, People Development is one of the six Crane Leadership Competencies.
The foundation for our leadership development efforts are the six Crane Leadership Competencies: Character, Strategic Ability, Achieves Results, Business Acumen, People Development, and Interpersonal Intelligence. The cornerstones for our leadership development efforts are our Values Added Leadership (VAL) programs, which merge our Crane Core Values with our Crane Leadership Competencies. The VAL programs provide structured development opportunities for newly hired associates, potential supervisors, new supervisors, experienced managers, and seasoned executives. In other words, people at all levels of our organization.
In addition to the VAL series of programs, we offer an ever changing variety of professional development workshops on subjects like written communication, listening skills, presentation skills, interviewing, performance evaluation, conflict management, coaching, DiSC, Myers-Briggs, talent management, delegation, 360 degree feedback, process mapping, project management, emotional intelligence, and more.
Developing our people is important to us. Leadership development is part of our culture.
Our Core Values

Treat our customers and fellow associates with respect and dignity.

Ensure that communications are honest and open; upwards and downwards; providing ample venues of communication.

Encourage teamwork and a sense of family within the workplace.

Share the company's success through profit sharing.

Strive to be the best place our associates have ever worked.

Provide leadership in being stewards to our community.