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Crane Investment Company diversifies the holdings of Crane Group's private shareholders. We oversee and manage Crane Group's real estate holdings, private equity portfolio, and other investments, and serve as an aggressive and valued partner within the Columbus and national investment community.
Our goal is to identify business opportunities that are in line with the Crane Group values of passion, innovation, and a commitment to good business and community practices. Our staff of analysts and investment specialists works hard at finding smart investment opportunities in real estate and like-minded business partnerships.
Crane Group is, at heart, an entrepreneurial enterprise. It's in our DNA. We believe in people with big ideas, and we like to be close to them. After all, we were founded by a man who created the business from scratch — who dreamed up better products and smarter ways to make them.
Many notable parts of our company, such as Crane Marine International and Suburban Steel Supply, were the result of Crane Investment acquisitions. We are constantly seeking companies with innovative products and ideas — companies that want investment, but also autonomy. Our history of acquisitions has been that of paying fair market price, and then growing the business together, with existing management in place. We believe the best people to run a business are typically those who founded it. We want their voice to remain strong — and to be heard. It is a model that has served Crane Group well over the years.
Crane is not a development company; instead, we look for good people with smart real estate projects. The company has invested in numerous projects in a wide geographic area. We are not limited to a narrow development or concept style. We do, however, seek projects that will make use of the many building and construction products and services offered by other Crane Group business units.
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Crane Investment Co.
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Andrew M. Hackett
President, Crane Investment Company