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The development of the Crane Group is a storyline that has repeated itself through three generations of family leadership. In 2007, we proudly celebrated our 60th anniversary. The look back at our founding, and our growth since then, was as exciting and moving as the vision we’ve established for the future.
The Crane story began in the 1920s, with light shining from the grand chandelier in the ceiling of the Ohio Theater in Columbus. The young man who created the beautiful, intricate fixture had built a thriving business based on designing and producing unique products. He succeeded based on the quality of his craftsmanship, the quality of his character, and the quality his relationships with other people.
His name was Robert S. Crane, and when the Great Depression put an end to his lighting fixture business, he lost nearly everything — except his work ethic, his optimism, and the support of his wife and children. Over the next difficult decade, he filled a variety of jobs and eventually created Taytec Corporation in 1947, a modest plastics manufacturing company that would become the Crane Group of today.
The company thrived in the 1960s, '70s, and '80s under the guidance of Robert’s sons, Robert Jr. and Jameson. And today it continues to grow, led by the third generation of Crane family members and trusted associates. The hardships that Robert Sr. faced in the early days are now company lore, and his entrepreneurial spirit is an essential quality in the business today.
Crane’s goal has never been to be the biggest, but to be the best. And we hold firm to the three foundation principles that have guided us so successfully in the past: to always do more; to always add value to the equation; and to share the rewards with our associates. It’s the only way we know.
Discover the history of Crane Group.
Join past and current Crane Group leaders as we look back at the founding and growth of our company. Watch the video.